Stable Release v0.1.1b and Slack Distribution

A great way to kick off the month of March - the InDexter app is now officially live!

We’ve emerged from our alpha development phase and we’re now in a stable public beta release. What does this mean, exactly? The major bugs have been tracked, cataloged and fixed (there are other bugs out there and we’re hunting for them).

Users can now sign up and install InDexter in their own Slack workspaces and enable eBay, Stripe and/or WooCommerce. (I’ve been using the service for my own needs and it’s quickly become one of my go-to tools in my own toolkit).

What’s next for InDexter?

  • Adding more Slack commands - Commands are what make InDexter so great, and soon there will be more of them at your disposal.
  • Slack App Directory - We are currently in the process of getting into the Slack app directory.

This is just a small step but a huge milestone for InDexter’s journey.