March Mid-Month Update

Hard to believe we’re already halfway through March! This has already been a very productive month. Work has been steadily progressing on new features, better stability, and user growth.

Now for the exciting news – InDexter has been approved for the Slack App Directory! This means more visibility for InDexter and we get to be featured alongside the many great Slack apps already in the directory – link to our directory page

The process was great and Slack is very thorough, but I’m very excited about this accomplishment.

Additionally, I’ve released a few new features:

  • When a WooCommerce order has been updated, you’ll receive a notification for it.
  • When a new customer registers to your WooCommerce store, you’ll receive a notification for it.
  • Ability to toggle which WooCommerce notifications you receive from the InDexter dashboard. Depending on the level of traffic your site gets, these notifications can be a bit noisy, so now you can turn them on/off.

I’m diligently working on releasing more features and squashing more bugs in the next couple of weeks - I’ll keep you all updated.

That’s all for now!