How to: WooCommerce

We’ve compiled an easy guide on how to integrate InDexter with WooCommerce.

API Keys, what are they? How are they created?

Application programming interface (API) is what allows your WooCommerce store to interact with other websites and programs. In order for InDexter to access your store data and its API, you need to create a key. Fortunately, WooCommerce makes this a very trivial task.

  1. Sign-in to your store and go to your dashboard.
  2. Find the WooCommerce tab in the navigation menu and click on “settings”.
  3. On the settings page, click on the “advanced” tab.
  4. Click on the “REST API” link.
  5. Click on the “Add Key” button.
  6. You should be presented with 3 fields:
    • Description - You should enter something that you will remember what the key is used for (call it “InDexter API Key” for example).
    • User - It’s recommended that the user field be set to the admin account. If the user account these API keys are assigned to is deleted, the API keys will also be deleted.
    • Permissions - Set permissions to “Read/Write”.
  7. Click “Generate API Key” button - and that’s it!

You should now be presented with two keys - consumer key and consumer secret. The purpose of these keys is to allow plugins and software of your choosing to access your store.

If you want to set-up your WooCommerce store with InDexter, we have created an easy set-up process that will automatically do all of the steps in this guide for you. If that process does not work, the above steps allow you to manually link your store with InDexter.