August Update

August has arrived, and so has (many) new InDexter features. I’m amazed by the amount of progress and milestones we’ve hit so far this year together and I’m looking forward to the months ahead.

The biggest (and best, in my opinion) update I’d like to share is that InDexter is now free for all to use. We want anyone and everyone who sells online to use InDexter, and this makes it much easier. This means we are nixing the trial program - our users no longer have to keep track of when trials begin and end.

We are now also offering a paid plan for our users who require more from InDexter. The price for this tier is the same as before ($2/month).

You can upgrade or downgrade your plans all from the billing section of the settings page in your account.

Shopify Integration

This has been an ongoing project for most of the Summer and it has consumed most of my time - but progress is being made! The actual development work is now complete and InDexter is going through the Shopify submission process. (The submission process is lengthy and allows Shopify time to inspect InDexter to ensure it meets their requirements.)

I am very excited about this update because:

  1. a) It’s a HUGE new feature.
  2. b) Shopify is massive.

In June 2019, Shopify reported that there are more than 820,000 merchants using their platform to sell online, making them the third largest e-commerce platform (behind Amazon and eBay).

Stay tuned for this update release.

Improved Web Site

Much of the focus of my work so far has been on the InDexter platform itself and not the supporting materials (helpful guides, documentation, etc). This is going to be an ongoing process.