April Update

Before getting into what is planned for the month ahead, I’d like to reflect on some of the highlights from March.

  • March 5th, InDexter was approved for listing in the Slack App Directory (huge milestone!).
  • March 18th, I started the “launch announcement” on Product Hunt. The primary goal of this was to get as many eyes on InDexter as possible and receive feedback. The announcement Product Hunt resulted in a huge spike in traffic to the website ( and a few more additions to the userbase (awesome!).
  • User growth has been slowly increasing, which is truly amazing! That might sound bad, but it is exactly what I want. InDexter is a new service (only 2 months old now) and I am (kind of obsessively) watching how it reacts to more users so that I can resolve issues as they arise. If hundreds or thousands of users flocked to it overnight, most of my time would then be allocated to scaling resources instead of building helpful new features. Think tortoise vs the hare.
  • Many new WooCommerce features! As I stated before in the March mid-month progress update, I’ve enabled 2 new notification types for WooCommerce (order updates, new customers) and you can turn them on/off from the dashboard.

Now looking ahead to April, work is progressing as planned on a few new features coming soon, including:

  • New commands - You’ll soon find more tools at your disposal to quickly access sales data. Additionally, I’m working on a proper guide to catalog and use all of these commands.
  • New notifications - I’m diligently working on adding more types of Stripe notifications (as well as a dashboard mechanism to toggle them).
  • Usage stats - You will be able to see how many messages InDexter has sent you.
  • Plus many behind the scenes fixes/adjustments.

More soon to come!